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Big Leaf Maple Burl with Bark InclusionBeginning with a rough-hewn solid block of wood from a felled tree in Kentucky, artist Chris Ramsey sculpts ‘blanks’ into magnificent works of art. When completed, the sculpture is suitable for display and use. The turned hat sculptures weigh approximately 7-9 ounces and may be comfortably worn. All of Ramsey’s turned creations are special one-of-a-kind works of art and are ‘must-have’ collector’s items.

Most of Ramsey’s art works are crafted from a single, unique piece of wood with no gluing or joining of individual pieces. Ramsey delights in ‘thin-walled’ turning with many of his works achieving a thickness of a mere 3/32 of an inch. All pieces are durable and have a luxurious finish of twenty coats of lacquer applied over a period of several days followed by hand-rubbing to produce a radiant final appearance.

Big-Leaf Maple Burl Bowl

Ramsey is a versatile turner, equally proficient with hollow forms, spindle and combination turning. He particularly enjoys creating both a wide variety of wood hat sculptures as well as natural edge pedestal and legged bowls.

White Tie AffairAlthough woodturning has existed for over 4000 years, Chris Ramsey has adapted the ancient techniques by perfecting them in new, exciting, artistic wood sculpting. The process of turning wood on a lathe allows the artist to cut away the unwanted portion of wood to achieve the desired form. Ramsey chooses a block of wood he carefully cuts and shapes. When all non-essential material has been removed, the sculpture is complete. Because Ramsey uses felled trees scheduled for disposal, his art constitutes the ultimate in recycling.

The ‘blank’ of wood is roughly shaped into a cylinder and placed on the lathe, which rotates the wood at the selected speed, depending upon the texture, density and moisture content of the wood. Although great skill and patience are required to fashion the wood into the final object, it is the imagination and vision of the artist that discovers and releases the exquisite form captive in the unshaped blank.

Watch Chris turn a wood hat on YouTube. Click HERE

2007 NFL Super Bowl Champions and President Bush
Colts & President
The Indianapolis Colts, 2007 Super Bowl Champions, Present a
Chris Ramsey Knot-Head Hat to President Bush, April 2007


President Receiving Bowl and Hat
Ramsey presents bowl to President Bush

Belize Rose
Belize Rose

What Others are Saying

"What a work of art! The craftsmanship is unsurpassable and I cannot imagine how long it takes to produce such a masterpiece."

Christine Todd Whitman, Former Governor of New Jersey
Administrator, The Environmental Protection Agency

“You are a real pro.”

Dale Brown, former coach of LSU

“It was a pleasure to welcome you to the Oval Office. Thank you for the cowboy hat.”

George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States of America

“I am proud to have such a creative, accomplished constituent in the Fifth Congressional District of Kentucky. My own Knot-Head hat makes a wonderful conversation piece in my office, and I am glad that a similar hat will now adorn the office of our 43rd president.”

Harold Rogers, Member of Congress